Redbridge® - Let you access
    Data via HAN Interface
    Powerful, easy to customize, data service for your customers

An open system
with advanced electronics


Universal solution

Supports all the new smart-meters from Aidon, Kaifa and Kamstrup (NO)

Streaming data through Wi-fi

Powered directly through the smart-meter

Plug and Play

Easy to install without maintenance support


Product is CE Marking and certified with; LVD,EMC, RED, RoHS, ErP


Readings every 2, 10 and 60 seconds


Open system - Your own application

IoT platform

We give our costumers access to the API for data exchange in your desired format. We also offer customized solutiones as needed. The platform provides all possibilities for integrating exciting solutions. Our cloud is located in Norway which gives several advantages.

End-to-end communication

All HAN interface data is 100% anonymous and encrypted.

Mobile App Development

Access to Redbridge SDK through existing and new applications.

Remote maintenance

Diagnostics, firmware updates, and configuration can all be organized through the cloud.




price estimate per request. Contact us for offers

Redbridge is a business-to-business product which is massproduced for the scandinavian market.

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